When Javier Castrilli sent off three players in less than a minute

Javier Castrilli is an illustrious but at the same time controversial character in Argentinian football. The https://www.1xbet.ng/en/ site features lots of Argentinian football matches. He was nicknamed the “sheriff” for a reason. He was extremely strict with the rules, without margin for flexibility. Not even the bigger teams were spared from his strictness. Whenever a big football team is on the field, you can also bet on it through the 1xBet website. Sometimes a few referees tend to be a bit more “lenient” when it comes to dealing with bigger squads. However, Castrilli had none of that. The best proof of this fact was seen on the 10th of May 1992.

River Plate’s suffering

River Plate is one of the most important football teams in Argentina. All live bets are on 1xbet.ng/en/live/ and they are also available for this Argentine team. On the aforementioned day, River played a match against Newell’s Old Boys for the Argentine League. Newell’s defeated the Argentine giants 5-0. The goals were scored by Alfredo Barril, Fernando Gamboa, Ricardo Lunari and Luka Tudor. This result can be partly explained because of the tons of red cards shown on that day. Right now, on 1xBet it is possible to find lots of live bets which are very rewarding for those who try them out.

The “tarjetazo”

The word for “card” in Spanish is “tarjeta”. That’s why some people have named this event the “tarjetazo”. This would be the first major controversy in the career of Javier Castrilli, who was the referee of the match in question. Currently, understanding how to install 1xBet for iOS is extremely simple, and it can be done to wager whenever lots of red cards are shown. To summarize, the players from River Plate that saw the red card on that match were: Oscar Acosta; Ángel Comizzo; Fabián Basualdo; and Jorge Higuaín. In the 40th minute of the first half, with the match still 0-0, River Player Oscar Acosta committed a foul. The play wasn’t particularly violent. However, he protested a lot to Castrilli. Apparently, he said something the referee didn’t like. Red card for him. Because of Acosta’s expulsion, all the other players from River joined the protests against the referee. Goalkeeper Ángel Comizzo also protested to Castrilli. He received a yellow card. However, after clapping ironically to the referee, he was shown the red card. But things didn’t end there. Fabián Basualdo kept protesting about his team being now with 9 players. Apparently, he also dedicated some “friendly words” to Castrilli. Red card for him too. In total, River went from having 11 players to just 8 in less than one minute. Users can learn how to install the 1xBet app for iOS, and use it to wager on River Plate.

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